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Cambridge English

The Cambridge English Test is well-known internationally and is well received by parents. The learning ladder covers the learning stages of children to adults, and comprehensively takes care of English proficiency and international competitiveness of Malaysian children to middle school students. We are convinced that “only when the assessment is well-founded can you learn with evidence. Big Apple cooperates with GPEX to provide one-stop Cambridge English courses and exams. All teachers hold Cambridge University teaching certificates, and all courses use teaching materials published by Cambridge University.


剑桥英语考试在国际享负盛名,深受家长欢迎,学习阶梯覆盖幼儿以至成人学习阶段,全面照顾马来西亚幼儿至中学生的英语水平以至国际竞争力。Big Apple A+与GPEX合作,提供一站式剑桥英语课程及考试,任教教师均持有剑桥大学的教学证书,而所有课程均使用剑桥大学出版之教材,素质必定有所保证,务求令提供之课程达至剑桥英语最专业的水平。

课程特色 Course Features


Corporate with GPLEX, which has been working with Cambridge English Language Assessment and Cambridge University Press since 2011

Learn English in a more effective way than the usual English courses

Materials are published by Cambridge University Press

Progress reports are prepared for parents to understand well on the progress of their children

Learning is so much fun when children learn through interesting story telling

本课程采用英国剑桥大学出版社最新出版的Story Fun系列作为教材,课程内容生动有趣,适合幼童报读,包括故事、卡通、游戏、绘画、写字、连线、角色扮演等,透过故事及不同的课堂活动提升学童的读、写、听、讲能力,亦可发挥他们的创造力,锻炼思考及促进社交能力。

This course uses the latest Story Fun series published by Cambridge University Press to support teachers in building students’ knowledge. Interesting teaching methods including story-telling, cartoons, games, painting, story-writing, role-playing, etc. are used for effective teaching to enhance children’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, promote creativity, critical thinking and social skills.

Young Learners (YLE) Starters, Movers, Flyers

GPEX - Beacon Kindergarten Project Partner

Cambridge Assessment English Graduation Ceremony 2019


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Cambridge Assessment English Graduation Ceremony 2019